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How To Ancient a Weapon

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start with a + 0 weapon. (should be a good stated weapon) +1-6 use Ori Powders. 6-7 hteres a chance that you could brake your weapon. (this means you will not be able to use it its gone) +7-9 us lak powders not that good of success rate. but worth it for +9 give and extra stat depending on your wepon. now that you have made it this far you need a gem of your choice Diamond Р8% drop rate Emerald Р40 piercing damage Garnet Р40 damage absorbstion Coral Р2% more exp.  you need 1 of the gems for going Ancient. now for bonus success rate add on you can use any item +7-+10/ +7 gives +2% +8 booster give +4 +9 booster gives 10% and + 10 give +12% add on. you can use up to 4 boosters good luck and hope you suceed : )

C.C.ing A.K.A. Auto Attacking

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Best way to hunt is by C.Cing aka auto attacking check this video our for detailed tutorial on how to C.C.

Wonder whats down the road in WYD?

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God class, yes you can become a god. when you start playing WYD you have a mortal character. to become a god you need 4 things. dedication, patients, gold, and good character selection. ok now you have to be lever 370 on your mortal to become a god. now thats not all you must have the god pack also. this is a item in game. you may buy from cash shop for 50$ or hunt and create it ingame, ( where the patients comes in) . now if you decide to wait untill you hit max lv (400) on your mortal character you will receive more stat points for your god character. (dedication) you may either buy or hunt for the items for the god pack (gold can come into play) God class is unique because you may be a transknight with foema class skills or any combination that you can think of. so pick your path and go for it! : )

Need to make gold? heres a couple ways

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first way to make gold in WYD is quests. quests? you may ask yes you use a ticket to get into each quest. They give you great exp and good items while inside.  In the quests you kill the boss mobs in there and get items in ur inventory and right click for exp. so i recamend while not doing waters with your academy you are in quests leveling as well. another way to make money is c.c.ing aka (auto attacking- see C.C. tutorial for details.) while c.c.ing you hunt for items as well so pick the monsters wisely you want to hunt the hardest monster you can without dieing. Good Luck

New to WYD? Heres how to join academy.

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The best way to level up in WYD is doing waters. a water party is when a group of party members go into a small room with a lot of monsters and kill for GREAT exp. now to get into Free water partys you must join an academy. Academy Operators are on at the times listed Here

01:00-02:00 Game Time
08:00-09:00 Game Time
18:00-19:00 Game Time

You can join an academy from lv. 1-320
now at these times theres Operators on to help you join the academy just ask on to send your name. after you are in an academy the flag of that academy should be next to your name. after recruiting which is usually taking place the first hour of any time slot on the Operators shift they will do a water party. This is the best way to level for a low level cherecter.
Veiw the screen shots for details. (ps: The OP of the academy will have a border around the flag as members do not have this border.)